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Save when you recruit full-time, part-time, locum, from the UK or abroad.

We take your wishes into

We take all your needs and requirements for employees into consideration.

We save

On average, organisations find a new employee within one month.

We save

We help you to save money by over five times.

We provide an overview
of the market

In addition, we provide detailed and up-to-date overviews of the market to help you find the specialists you need even more efficiently in the future.

There are nearly 100 organisations in the Scrubin network

How does the Scrubin platform work?

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When looking for a specialist, define the requirements and conditions that are important with respect to the job as clearly as possible.

Our algorithms will find the best specialist for you

Based on the preferences you have indicated, our algorithms will find the right employee for you. Thereafter, you can contact the specialist immediately and complete the process faster than usual.

Get a market overview of what employees want

Based on statistics, you will learn how to contact professionals with job opportunities even more efficiently and how to better retain them.

Feedback from organisations

If the requirements of the institution and the specialist are clear on the Scrubin platform, contact between the two can be incredibly fast! The nurse who came to work for us responded to the personal offer we made 9 minutes after it was sent out!
Toomas I Tartu University Hospital
Head of Internal Medicine
We found the first doctor we hired within 5 days of posting the ad! One of the doctors we found from Scrubin liked us so much that she recommended us to another doctor who also came to work with us. New employees found through recommendations is such a joy because it shows that people want to work in Rakvere Haigla.
Liis I Rakvere Haigla
Medical Director

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