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Scrubin enables you to get in touch with the right specialist much faster than anywhere else!

Unique approach in the Nordic countries


When searching for a healthcare specialist, define as clearly as possible the requirements for the specialist and the conditions under which you need their assistance.


Based on your preferences, our algorithms will find a suitable healthcare specialist for you to reach out to.


The specialist has 72 hours to respond to the personalised offer you have made.

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If the requirements of the institution and the specialist are clear on the Scrubin platform, contact between the two can be incredibly fast! The nurse who came to work for us responded to the personal offer we made 9 minutes after it was sent out!
Toomas I Tartu University Hospital
Head of Internal Medicine
We found the first doctor we hired within 5 days of posting the ad! One of the doctors we found from Scrubin liked us so much that she recommended us to another doctor who also came to work with us. New employees found through recommendations is such a joy because it shows that people want to work in Rakvere Haigla.
Liis I Rakvere Haigla
Medical Director
Scrubin is new and innovative, constantly evolving. I love new approaches to healthcare recruitment and that’s exactly what Scrubin offers
Ly I Pihlakodu
In the Scrubin network, applicants who qualify for the job respond to job offers. In other words, the preliminary work has been done and you don’t have to filter out suitable ones from many unsuitable CVs. Within a maximum of a month after starting to use Scrubin, we already signed a contract with the new employee we found from the network.
Laura I Viv Living

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