Interviews with healthcare professionals


Describe your ideal workplace.

Probably one that doesn’t take up all of my time, i.e. one that offers a balance between the various aspects of my life. It’s important for me to be able to have a say at work – to choose where and when I can work. I want to be a partner for my employer, to make decisions together and work towards a common goal.

Why did you decide to use the Scrubin platform?

For me, the Scrubin platform is new and interesting. The idea of valuing your time really spoke to me. I came across the Scrubin platform via a recommendation, and it’s nice to think that one click can become a decisive choice for a person’s future and career. That’s how I feel now: the Scrubin platform has given me the opportunity to build my career in healthcare in a way that interests me and gives me the freedom to plan my working hours as I wish.

Describe your experience using the Scrubin platform.

The Scrubin platform is very user-friendly and innovative. In today’s world, you rarely hear anyone talk about being the master of their own time in healthcare, but that is exactly what the Scrubin platform values. This job platform allows you to see work in healthcare from a whole new and refreshing perspective. Work as much as you want and where you want, and develop at your own pace. On the platform, you can choose the working day or period that suits you, agree on the details with your employer and go to work. If you like it, you can sign a binding contract with the hospital and thus get a new job. My first experience on the Scrubin platform was exactly like that: I found work opportunities at Rakvere Hospital. I was incredibly satisfied with the experience. The team was pleasant and we got along well and we even joked around with one other. I decided to continue working with them in the future.

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